Mother’s Day

Mother, whose mothers day 2016presence means everything,
For our one smile, she is
ready to do anything

Because of her, our life
gets complete,
Feels like heaven, When
we touch her feet

In her lap, we
get immense peace,
Her love for us,
never gets decrease

In our life, no one can
take her place,
Her care & affection,
for us is rare to replace



Valentine’s Day

Valentine's DayWhy we need any day,
to express our feelings
to our love one,
Sweet conversation & caring is
enough for our dear one.

Everyday is valentine day,
if the person is with you,
Respect & trust is important
than 3 words “I love you”

Spend Quality time with each other,
instead of finding each others mistakes
Enjoy every moment of life,
as there are no retakes..