Mother’s Day

Mother, whose mothers day 2016presence means everything,
For our one smile, she is
ready to do anything

Because of her, our life
gets complete,
Feels like heaven, When
we touch her feet

In her lap, we
get immense peace,
Her love for us,
never gets decrease

In our life, no one can
take her place,
Her care & affection,
for us is rare to replace



Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa, start ofgudi_padwa_ugadi_027
Maharashtrian new year,
Celebrated with great
pomp & cheer,

Lord Rama’s Victory
is remembered,
His return in Ayodhya
is admired,

With neem, flowers & Kalash
Gudi is decorated,
Beautiful rangolis & festoons
are created,

Perfect day for a
new beginning,
With new hope & aspirations
people start living..




Life OF Mumbaikar

Mumbaikar leaves home earlymumbai-nightlife
in the morning,
Boards the fast train,
inspite of so many warning,

Their journey goes in hours
of standing,
In office, they attend the meeting
of business expanding,

Always under the stress of
project deadline,
Sits at office, even after nine,

Mumbaikar’s works on the
basis of clock,
Many times they face the
problems of mega block,

Sometimes, they do get frustrated
of this routine,
But next day, again with smile
and enthusiasm, they can be seen..








Women’s Day

Gone are those days,
When woman used to tolerate,womens-day
Today’s woman fights against injustice
& works at corporate

In every field, she has moved ahead of men,
Her kindness for others can be seen
every now and then

Performs her responsibilities, without
any expectations,
With love and care,
maintains two families

In one birth, she plays so may roles
Cheers to womanhood and her beautiful soul..



Father, Whose words Father's Day Quotes
are his silence,
Whose experience
becomes our guidance,

When we were wrong,
he became a scolder,
But in our success,
he patted our shoulder,

To complete our dreams,
he gave his best,
Now the time has come,
to give him some rest,

What more I can write to
express my feelings,
Just I can say, because of him
our life got the meaning..




Valentine’s Day

Valentine's DayWhy we need any day,
to express our feelings
to our love one,
Sweet conversation & caring is
enough for our dear one.

Everyday is valentine day,
if the person is with you,
Respect & trust is important
than 3 words “I love you”

Spend Quality time with each other,
instead of finding each others mistakes
Enjoy every moment of life,
as there are no retakes..